Founded in 2017, Good Luck Rub is a small-batch dry spice rub that’s blended and packaged in downtown Toronto by creator and spice man extraordinaire, Josh McGuirk.

With all natural ingredients that include cumin, ginger, cane sugar and smoked paprika, Good Luck Rub is an easy-to-use multi-purpose seasoning that will fill your food with flavour and delight your taste buds with a combination of savoury notes with hints of sweetness.

Good Luck Rub can be used on meat, fish and veggies cooked on the grill or in the oven. You can use a little or a lot, and enjoy it as a seasoning for your cooking all year long! For more ways to use Good Luck Rub visit our Recipe section.


Ah, the wings that changed everything! These Good Luck Rub smoked chicken wings are definitely the trigger that got everyone hooked on our beloved dry spice mix, and they’re still the #1 food everyone asks for anytime we host an occasion in our home.

Well, aside from Gracie’s Jamaican Beef Patties she only makes at Christmas time, of course. If you’ve got access to a smoker and BBQ in your home then by all means, go all out here, but, if you don’t, know that these are just as good when cooked only on the barbie, or even in the oven!


Think Good Luck Rub is reserved for meat-only? Think again! We love using this sweet and spicy dry rub on seafood, and Good Luck Rub-spiced shrimp is definitely one of our favourites to enjoy.

These BBQ Shrimp Kabobs with Good Luck Rub are quick and easy to make, especially when you’ve got a hungry crowd coming over during the summer months. See below for how to make them!


About Us

Good Luck Rub was created by Toronto-based couple, Josh McGuirk and Gracie Carroll, who are two food and cooking enthusiasts who work in the worlds of media, marketing and music.

It was after receiving a smoker from Josh’s sister one year that he became completely obsessed with researching, trying and developing the best techniques to smoke the yummiest meats and veggies.

During this process Josh started creating his own rub that quickly became extremely popular among friends and family who started to inquire as to how they could get their hands on some of his special spice rub to take home.

As a serial entrepreneur and hustler by nature, it was Gracie who avidly encouraged Josh to package the rub and sell it others after noticing it’s increasing popularity within their inner circle, and beyond. After a few months of convincing Josh to actually do it, Good Luck Rub was officially launched in January of 2017. We hope you love our Good Luck Rub as much as we do!

"Everyone needs a little Good Luck." - Good Luck Rub

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